April 28, 2008

Hoodie Accomplished

If the bathing suit industry has failed me, Old Navy has hit right on the mark. New hoodie is pea-green and lovely; warm enough for breezy summer nights but light enough to wear in the sun. A friend of mine was so jealous he immediately ran out and bought himself a zip-jacket. Admittedly it was chilly, and American Apparel would be a bare desert of white racks if I didn’t have to eat food, but still. Copier.

It was a dead heat between the green and the neutral, and while a light shea-beige would go with anything, how many more years can I get away with quirky? Two, tops? After that first pair of linen Capri pants there’s no going back—so no sense starting early. That, and the white made my lower peninsula go a little Mr. Stay-Puft from the back.

Still keychain-less and suit-less; hope to rectify that in the coming weekend, since it’s no fun bikini shopping in 40-degree Indian winter. Thanks for the leads dropped in my comments; Sears has a Land’s End section where I can touch and try on, so I’m hoping for at least a ‘size & scale’ starting point if they have better stuff online. And yes, I am willing to spend $100; even the nipple-dickies don’t retail for less.

Oh my flipping deity; I have just been to Land’s End online. The Livin’ End, is what it is—holy crap, can they make a suit! Get here fast, Saturday! I must have the green one with polka dots!

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Anonymous said...

J Crew has suits that are excellent...and yes, even in polka-dot


Gap Body has a good selection as well, but i've never purchased one of their suits

--Action Jackie