February 07, 2008

This I Know

Jesus and I are tighter than neoprene finger-cuffs.

1. Mitt Romney has dropped out of the GOP race. Dogs, democrats and sentient humans everywhere piss themselves with happiness.

2. Opportunity for the universe to laugh at me is aborted when, to the shock of all, I do not end up tripping down the stairs with full arms and covering my boobies with raspberry viniagrette.

3. Chocolate cake for office birthday party.

4. Numerous e-cards from friends from many different zip codes.

5. Ricky is BOOTED from Project Runway (and good thing, because Weeping Wanda was about to die of dehydration). Extra bonus: Chris wins his first challenge, which was righteously deserved.

6. Super-powered, almost-certainly-unable-to-live-up-to-its-hype deoderant arrives just in time for athletic birthday antics.

7. Action Jackie! Comin' atcha tomorrow in 3-D!

8. A phone call from my niece and nephew wishing me happy birthday, with assurances that the frog in my niece's throat "isn't a real one."

9. Seeing apartment tomorrow at awesome complex that loves dogs, recycling, and us.

10. Birthday, as of 4:00 pm, does not suck.


David Dust said...

Buh-bye "Weeping Wanda"!

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crdrue said...

Happy belated, hope you get a chance to dance it up at the winter party!