February 06, 2008

God, Is This About the Nun Thing? Becuase I Think We Both Knew I Wasn't Gonna Follow Up On That

Apparently, I have to turn 27 tomorrow.
Apparently, there’s no way around this.

I feel like the wicked queen in Snow White each birthday, when weighing eternal youth against the death of an annoying virgin seems totally reasonable. Not that I’m staring into the mirror all “My face, my face!”—I’m not. But on the other hand, thirty is big fat nigh. Niiiiigh. You hear me, Dann? RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

The cold medicine might account for the histrionics. That, and I’m tired and sick. Like old people.

Dammit. I’m off to buy a Porsche, or hookers, or make a really bad decision of some kind.

Things that make aging easier, in no particular order:

- Jackie will be in town for awesome birthday party and rope yoga.
- Odds that actual birthday will be crap have lessoned with promises of fish, chips and Jackie Chan.
- Snuggles, coupled with sweet whispered lies that I am not old. (Aw. Liar.)
- Karaoke. Throwdown. 2008.
- Pouting. Much, much pouting.


mamaclsn said...

Honey, you know nothing about thirty being nigh.

Happy Birthday, you old spring chicken!


Dann Rafferty said...



You have "Because" spelt funnie in yer tittle.