January 04, 2008

It Was a Very Good Ye--Actually, No, It Wasn't: A Retrospective Analysis of 2007

And now we do the dance we do.
Me and you, that’s who; we two.

Resolutions of the year 2007

Write everyday.
I seriously don’t even think I need to resolve this anymore; it’s like breathing.

Perfect French.
Je suis une amateure. Je ne parle pas francais.

I flossed a lot last year, and was feeling good about it, but now my father needs false teeth and my mother is having (another) molar pulled. My mouth is full of silver.
I will floss daily, dammit.

Submit once a month.
Well, not so much… but I was published. Twice!

Walk your dog once a week, you rotten pet parent.
I bought a leash. What?

Give up meat.
I only eat chicken. And, um, ham, but only in omelets.
I eat soy. I’m working on it.

My crow pose is thisclose to airborne.

Donate to charities more.
I forgot about this; thankfully, I did it anyway.

Keep the weight off.
I bought a book on weight training, and started lifting yesterday.
Now it’s hard to lift the book (old joke, sorry).

Clean and reorganize my apartment.
Or y’know, move outright. I’ll keep you posted on that.

I didn’t do so badly last year, as it happens. I’m also up a bit, having 1) drafted a novel and 2) run the marathon, neither of which were anticipated and therefore didn’t make the list. That said, I look back on 2007 as one of the worst years on record. Does anyone else feel me on this? Yeah, tons of stuff happened, and a lot of it positive—but last year staggered drunkenly out into the snow, slurring something about good times and lunch dates and I’m all holding the doorknob and checking my watch.

Maybe this is why I feel so good about 2008. I don’t relish turning twenty-seh… twenty sevva… another year older, but I feel like I’ve finally gotten the hang of where I want to go in this life, and although there’s a lot of work to be done, I’m not pulling the blanket up over my ears or waiting-for-the-bus kicking-the-dirt about it. It’s go time. I’m excited. Let’s take this year and give it one so hard it screams our name. With me?

I’m not going to itemize my goals, because I know I can meet them if I make up my mind about it. I’d like to live and eat healthier, but nothing stringent that would require some set of rules; I want to go to the farmer’s market more. I’d like to move house so I can have a yellow living room, a washing machine, and a desk. I’d like jeans in my size. I’d like my novels to be the next big damn thing this world has ever seen—at the very least, I’d like people to read them. I’d like a book deal. I’d like all the crazy people in my family gunning to reproduce get pregnant with healthy, labor-painless superbabies. I hope we make enough money to keep the heat on. Let’s hope the Year of the Cat is kind to us all.

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