January 23, 2008

IM if UR

Furniture shopping, that is.

beedoo: are you ready for some sofa???
Dibble: hang on, I’m counting my dvds
beedoo: this is okay: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S49840091
beedoo: this next one is my favorite, so reeally think before you hate it:
beedoo: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S49830006 in red
Dibble: hang on—still counting
beedoo: k. isn’t that weird about heath ledger?
Dibble: i know! what’s weirder is that brad renfro died EXACTLY a week before.
beedoo: maybe they both saw the ring.
Dibble: …
beedoo: are we not friends?
Dibble: no, I’m actually just surprised you know that
beedoo: movie was lame. still: sad.
Dibble: yes it is. Um.
beedoo: you’re done?
Dibble: 76 single dvds, 7 more multiple sets
beedoo: jaysus
Dibble: told ya
beedoo: i might have 30; so one that holds 200 is what we need
Dibble: ok, so red isn’t even a choice on here
beedoo: on the second one?
Dibble: its creepy with no arms. and it looks small
beedoo: it's actually bigger than mine--we measured
Dibble: it looks very narrow
beedoo: it's not, tho--look at it without the cover
Dibble: and with no arms and two people sitting on it, it would be uncomfortable
beedoo: no, because it's longer
Dibble: feels like you are falling off. where are you going to put your arms?
beedoo: nobody puts their arms on the arms!
Dibble: um, I do
beedoo: they're in your lap or under you or over the side
Dibble: it makes you feel less likely to FALL OFF
beedoo: when's the last time you fell off a sofa, dib?
Dibble: NEVER because they HAVE ARMS
beedoo: YOU'RE NOT FOUR!
Dibble: lol I'd have to sit on it at Ikea
beedoo: i expect you to sit on it--i would too
Dibble: I don’t want to commit to it, but it is pretty
beedoo: you sat on the no-arm chair at pottery barn and didn't fall off
Dibble: UGH! It’s only 30 less than the futon we like!!
beedoo: no, the futon is $370
Dibble: ok, 100 and maybe its better...but ewww, red
beedoo: and i think? you're going to whack yourself on the futon’s wooden arms and swear
Dibble: lol
beedoo: and be all "fucking wood!" "why are these arms so hard? i can't get comfortable!"
Dibble: is it supposedly bigger than the futon as well?
beedoo: longer, yeah
Dibble: can I like lay down on it without feet falling off?
beedoo: no, but you can lie down on it
Dibble: hush
beedoo: what are you, like 5'6"?
Dibble: I'm 5'5", so 5'6" would be ok
beedoo: it's 79", you are… 65"
beedoo: so, yes. comfortably. with socks and a hat.
beedoo: with the added bonus that you can stretch, since no arms

Dibble: doesn’t look that big but ok. how do they fold the mattress?
beedoo: it looks like it's kinked at the join then lies flat when you pull it out (like 2 twins on a hinge)
Dibble: then what’s the difference between a foam mattress and a mattress with no springs?
beedoo: let me please point out that you will not be the one sleeping on this sofa
Dibble: OMG...you sent me 2 links
beedoo: YES
Dibble: I missed the second one
beedoo: and i like the second one
beedoo: that's the ONE! in RED!

Dibble: I saw the first one...that has no red
beedoo:... (aneursym)
Dibble: how does it get taller? is there a box spring?
beedoo: wha? the... no
Dibble: underneath it
beedoo: oh, there's an optional storage bin underneath
Dibble: oh wait
beedoo: that's the mattress; the top is a duvet
Dibble: thats the bed and the other thing is a big fuck off comforter
beedoo: also known as...
Dibble: your first born?
beedoo: is it pricey?
Dibble: ok um NO on that ugly red
beedoo: jesus tap-dancing christ
Dibble: green is ok
beedoo: orange?
Dibble: so is the lilac
beedoo: the red is like a deep red, it’s pretty!
Dibble: ugh, i'd have to see the color in person because it makes the red look magenta
beedoo: that's yer screen--i'll show it to you in the book
Dibble: it IS a foam mattresss
beedoo: foam cushions--just like a couch would have
Dibble: couches have springs
beedoo: couches also have $900 price tags
Dibble: I'd have to see the colors in person, plus I wouldn’t commit to a color until I see the room. If we can't paint then we gotta match the stuff to whatever it is
beedoo: which will be white. with the red sofa and yellow lampshades and your orange chair
Dibble: lol it will be "look mom the fall colors exploded"
beedoo: and we'll get a nice rug that has all the colors in it
Dibble: a rug on carpet? tacky
beedoo: (blows a pupil)
Dibble: ugh you LIKE a rug on carpet??
beedoo: depends on the RUG
Dibble: I think its dumb to put a rug over carpets. No point to it
beedoo: are they tasty, my hopes and dreams?
Dibble: I like the yellow color of the sconces in mom’s dining room
beedoo: awesome, because: lampshades are that color
Dibble: that’s fine
beedoo: and the lamp bases are coppery, so they'll look nice together
Dibble: what lamps?
beedoo: (deeeeeep sigh)
Dibble: I like those a lot
beedoo: see? it wants to be with the sofa! they love each other!
Dibble: did you find end tables?
beedoo: i just showed you one... didn't i?
Dibble: no
beedoo: oh, i showed you the DVD tower. hang ye on
Dibble: I like mine better
beedoo: i want to see your chair this weekend
Dibble: the end tables come in walnut
beedoo: that "walnut" is totally cherry; it's not even in a clever disguise
Dibble: yours is taller but mine has more depth
beedoo: ohwait--the ikea one is too high. ah well, back to the old drawing board
Dibble: hey, we can use mine!
beedoo: i didn't even look at target yet, hang on
Dibble: fresh fruit not good enough for you eh??
Dibble: they have other ones there that aren’t round

beedoo: damn, what are you, on the committee?
beedoo: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00115789
beedoo: love this, too damned expensive

Dibble: WAY too expensive!
beedoo: it's the only one that didn't suck ass!
Dibble: lol but cute
beedoo: well!
Dibble: did you see the target one?
beedoo: yeah, it's ok. kind of “whatev”
Dibble: why can we mix and match so we have 1 with a drawer and 1 not?
beedoo: i was JUST about to say that! like, they don't have to match exactly
Dibble: but 1 with a drawer for the clickers and 1 plain?
beedoo: but same wood and same height?
Dibble: yeah
beedoo: i knew we'd come together on something.
Dibble: but no glass or dust ruffles or weird legs or anything
beedoo: i died. dib? i died right just then.


Dann Rafferty said...

It's like "Three's Company" had sex with "Bring it On". You guys make me sick.

mamaclsn said...

Yeah.... have fun with that!

I like red couches too. But seriously... find some garage sales, and pain or recover the furniture. You can't go wrong.

Love you!

mamaclsn said...

Freudian slip? I meant "paint".

crdrue said...

Beedoo, you moving? What's all this furniture business? I leave for 5 months and chaos abounds.