December 04, 2007

This Is Just to Say

I have tried and tried, and tried further still, but today I stop trying and just admit that I don't like eating plain cottage cheese. In lasagna, in stuffed shells, on pizza even--I'm there. But I can't sit down to a single-serving packet and a spoon, even if it has 13 grams of protein for a half-cup, because the time it takes to eat that half-cup is the hardest fifteen minutes of my life.


mamaclsn said...

Life is just too short for that. But it is good with canned peaches or pineapple.

Also, I framed your Christmas card. I want to live in it. Or visit for a long time. I love you. Come here and I will make cookies.


Sarah Beedoo said...

Awww... Sooz made cookies, and I am trying to not eat them. Tonight, I will lose that battle.

I love that card; I'm glad it got there all right (USPS had a little trouble delivering them last year). Everyone I sent it to said they were planning on framing it. Victorian: you just can't go wrong.

I've tried with pineapple, but then it just tastes sour; I use olives so it tastes like pizza.

Adrianna said...

I also just got a Christmas card today, definitely feeling the love.

Have you tried jam? I know it adds some calories, but a little raspberry jam can cover almost any flavor. I actually like cottage cheese so maybe it won't help, but hey, worth a try right?