Living Room Convo: Project Runway

“What, make an outfit? No twist? I thought there’d be more to it than that.”

“I wonder if it really took that long for Chris to reach the tent. I’m betting not.”

“Is she imbuing the fabric with the power of Isis?”

“I think we’re supposed to hate her. She’s the villain, I think.”

“Did you say ‘villain’ or ‘vapid’? Because… yes.”

"I love how 'yoga' is reality show code for 'batshit crazy'."

“There is so much gay here.”

“I’m coming down on straight for him.”

“Well, no respectable gay man would have patterned facial hair.”

“Wow, nice crotch-flash, C. U. Next Tuesday.”

“Oh, my.”

“Don’t listen to them, Christian; I loved you on American Idol.”

“I feel like he got his ass kicked a lot in school. Because I’ve know him less than a minute, and I want to kick his ass right now.”

“Man, Heidi is fucking gorgeous.”

“Aw, he’s cute, though.”

“Wow, he is adorable.”

“Is that a botched nose job? It’s like his face is a little too much to the right.”

“He must be the new Emmett.”


“What in holy hell?”

“She’s shitting unicorns, you guys. And probably snorting them.”

“God, I like it with the boots; if she hadn’t tacked on crazy—“

“A haiku of a cut, she just said. Fucking haiku.”

“Nina looks like she barfed, you guys. Barfed on the metaphysical unicorn.”

“That skirt is ridiculously ugly. But I guess it matches the jacket, then.”

“Um, I feel if that had had pants, it might be okay.”

“I thin we should drink whenever anyone says ‘sophisticated’. And ‘clean’.”

“I was in the bathroom; when did they start Dropcloth Challenge?”

“God, I wanted to like Sweet P, based on her press, but the outfit is sort of crap.”

“Of course they won’t let Crazy go; not until she sends a naked model down the runway and asks why they can’t see the clothes.”

“I love the teal on that one. Very nice.”

“Bubble skirt? Really?”

“She’s like Babar’s sexy mistress.”

“Run for your life--it’s a killer fleurchon!”

“Your shoes are pretty boring, too, Michael. Just sayin’.”

[Players: Sooz, Joy, Me]


Anonymous said…
is there a new season of Project Runway?!?!?! How did I miss this? Well, thanks to Bravo's continuous replay of their shows I'm sure i'll see whatever i've missed.

thanks for posting Sarah : )

now my smoke alarm won't stop beeping. if there is such a thing as "jackieness" I wish I had power over it's effects... anyway, i'm waiting for the maitenance guy now.

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