November 05, 2007


…said my stomach. And that was before I found the dead-yet-oddly-preserved bug smashed between the supply envelopes. Euccch.

I’m nauseated from lack of sleep. This weekend, while extra long and activity filled, was not so conducive to restfulness (as evidenced by my use of the non-word ‘restfulness’). But I saw my sister and her beautiful family, threw her kids in the air a few times, and cemented my reputation as Cool Aunt Sarah. Also on the menu: the Jackieness! [hand flash] slept on my couch for a few nights, meaning we both went to bed waaay too damn late / early in the AM for days on end (and meeting the illustrious Anna of powpowpachow in the for-reals—woot woot!).

The two visits’ overlap didn’t create quite the chaos I thought it would, and everyone got on well (even my dog--at least, she looked like my dog, but this well-mannered and kid-tolerant creature and I have never met). Alas, now that all visitors have left for their respective homes, a little bit of cleanup needs to be had:

1. Fatness – People in town means eating out. A lot. With bread and grease and grrreagh. Now my pants are tight and I feel all ill and swollen. November shall be my salad days.

2. Poorness – Those plates of starch and butter don’t pay for themselves. Thank goodness for canned kidney beans.

3. Procrastinatey…ness – Day 5 of NaNoWriMo, and I’m only keeping my head above water because I bulimia-barfed the first thirteen pages before vacation actually started. Tonight: Three pages to go before I sleep.

4. Slovenliness – Guests: clean before they come, clean just as much after.

5. Laziness – Must find time to run a thouusand miles, and perhaps then run a thouusand more.

On that note, I have no idea what the posting sitch is going to look like around here for November. I hope to post during the day and lengthen the manuscript at night, but the best laid plans, you know... they tend to go pear-shaped on very little notice. At the extreme least, I will manage a weekly how’s-your-father, but I’m shooting for bi-weekly at the semi-least. Much depends on the ‘work’ portion of my workday; that annoying stuff I get paid actual money to accomplish. We shall see.


a. said...

yeah; I was like, all shy to meet a good blogger and stuff.

But actually, technically we didn't meet this weekend. I think we went and saw a movie once with Jackie.


Anonymous said...

So if you refuse to post what am I supposed to do while waiting for the plumber? ...see just how glamorous my life is?

omg we did not get enough sleep--I went to bed accidentally, mind you, at 9:30 when I got home. I had a super-good time staying up and chatting with you though. I'd totally do it again.

also in regard to the post previous to this one: if I were a boy i'd totally date you. cross-dressing and all.


p.s. my love affair with your couch continues...