October 18, 2007

Week in Review

Emo’s appearance at A2 Comedy Showcase: 8
Still funny, but my brother got an autograph and I didn’t. Boo.

Blades of Glory: 7½
The combined talents of Jon Heder and Will Ferrell should have made this movie hilarious, yet… it was funny, but not nearly as funny as Talladega Nights. I think they relied so much on the sight gags, like Heder’s Dorothy Hamill ‘do and Will Ferrell’s bare midsection (which, for the love of God, enough already) that the writing didn’t explore its full potential. [Note: The use of the Flash theme song in the final scene won that last half-point.]

Homemade Halloween Cookies: 9
Eating five for breakfast is like a -1, but the cookies themselves were stellar. Thanks, department peopled by women who love to bake!

Super Saturday of Errand-Running: 10
Laundry done, oil changed, new windshield wipers on, garden weeded, garden sketched for spring planting, dog walked, groceries bought, sheets washed, bedding changed, winter clothes out, summer clothes away, CDs ripped, bills paid. Double-U OH!

Nair Facial Wax Strips: 11
Never have I had a chance purchase go so well—these things are amazing. I started shopping for home waxing this summer (when the $15 I was spending on my upper lip translated into a new skirt every two months). I hated home kits because they were crazy messy; the wax was too thick, you heat it too long and it flays your skin off—and the crème remover was painless, but if you leave it on too long it causes a rash. I went with these because the wax is already on the strip; there are two sizes (ten strips of each) on the package, along with some “soothing” pads (lanolin or Vitamin E or somesuch) for after. I was a little dubious about the “warm up the wax in your hand” jazz, but whatever, five bucks.

Dude. You will never salon-wax again. Peel, stick, press, pull. Each strip splits into two halves, and you can use the same bit of wax three or four times before it stops sticking; I did my lip, chin, and unibrow no-fly-zone using a total of one strip. And I’m Polish. The whole package? $5.54. Next time you get the walrus prickles: think of me, hit Meijer, and save money.

Jack Finney, and the sequel to Time and Again: 10
And I’m only on Chapter 5. I’m trying to use it as a template for descriptive sense of place and to get over the limitations of first-person perspective… getting a jump on NaNoWriMo can’t hurt.

Chevy dealership’s service department: 3
They have had my car for four days. Not because the repair work is taking four days, but because the part they need needs to get picked up and their truck keeps breaking down. I had to call them to find this out, since I had not one message from them about my car, which they have, sitting, not being fixed. When they get the part, the repair will take five minutes. But it’s not there, because the truck breaks down. Everyday.

Is it weird that a car dealership’s supply truck is broken? And that they can’t, y'know, fix it? Or that they can’t use one of the hundred other trucks on the lot to go pick up parts for their cars? Their sole redeeming factor is the one genuinely apologetic service lady, who assures me the car will be done today… as she has done every day this week. [Update: They offered to change the brake pads for a mere $250, at which point I told them exactly where to sit and how fast to rotate. On the upside, my car’s actually done.]

Last long run of marathon training ever: 10
8 miles under 80 minutes—bring it on, race!

Mother’s pumpkin bread, made with actual, non-canned pumpkin: 9
Needs more cinnamon, but it’s still effing delicious.

Watching 10, post-Sunday afternoon nap: Surprisingly not -2
I used to have such a crush on Dudley Moore. I realize that’s in writing now; I’d take it back except I’ve probably admitted worse.

Tomorrow: More marathon crap! Woot!


crdrue said...

I am excited for your marathon. I will maybe run 4 miles and think of you & bro slamming gatorade on mile 20...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Jack Finney. Good call. Give me that pumpkin bread. Run it on out here on those marathon legs.

Run, Sarah, Ruuuuuuuuunnnnn....


a. said...

I've been eating Mrs. Fields cookies for breakfast lately: 5. And I am solidly NOT training for a marathon.

Rock on!

Sarah Beedoo said...

Aw! I feel loved!

Anyone wanting to give Dann-o these same hugs and kisses should click his link; he doesn't get nearly the same amount of support I do. [Note: That last post is a bit old; he is no longer in a sulky all-caps mood.]