October 10, 2007

Thanks and Sadness

No, I was not at the Chicago marathon. My marathon, the Detroit Free Press, is in two weeks--hopefully it won't be 90 degrees. Thank you for all the concerned phone calls and those who stopped me in the hall (and bathroom--hee) at work to make sure I had heard the news so I could be prepared.

I feel so sorry for all those people who trained for so long just to have their race be spoiled by the heat--and to be told at mile 20 that the race was canceled? I honestly would have cried. Advice to anyone planning to run: always pack your own Gatorade.


Anonymous said...

So nice of people to call/stop you! BTW, your header is doing that weird thing again where part of it is missing the black outline. Drives me crazy. lol

Sarah Beedoo said...

Bwahaha! Fixed. The baby can rest easy. Picky little fetus.