October 21, 2007

The Aftermath

1. We finished.
2. We finished earlier than planned.
3. We did not die.
4. Mother. Fucking. Ow.

I cannot recap now. I have no vocabulary. I hope to have the comprehensive posts tomorrow-ish. Highlights include:

Belle Isle blues
Sunrise over the Ambassador Bridge
Hallucinations featuring my grandmother
Contemplating public urination
Losing a bet to Jesus
Tunnel funk
Pancakes (and other bastions of animal fat)
Thinking of Jackie in my time of need
Matthew Wilder saves my ass
Jolly Ranchers and ibuprofen
Sexual harrasment is A-OK
Peach candy in Margaritaville
The art of counting
The Finish Line

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear God Woman! I hope you're not working today and that you're home, happily comatose in your bed!