July 06, 2007

Scientific Analysis: Chicago

Initial Findings:
Pizza. Jazz. White Sox. Mobsters. A musical that was good before Renee Zellweger. Wind. One of the Great Lakes.* ER. Ferris Bueller. Famous museums. More pizza.

Kate, Jackie

Algorithm Applied:
1. KJ + libations (- drama) x (singing > appropriate volume) = f
2. f= [inf. combinations]

Informal poll shows 7 out of 12 people love Chicago, where four had never been there and one doesn't like Illinois. Like, the whole state, so Chicago is merely a victim of unfortunate geography. Actually, that person just doesn't like corn. Which is, um, from Iowa, so... 100% of People Who Do Not Let (Misbegotten) Vegetable Prejudices Influence Their Estimation of a City thought it rocked out.

Data reveals a high probability of awesome, inclining toward serious radness.

* Yes, I totally know which lake. [points to pinkie finger] That one.


Jessica said...

Are you going to Chicago? I am going to Chicago. Have you been? What should I do there? Vacation semi-based around boyfriend's dad. Would like to know how to spend Away-From-Dad time.

crdrue said...

Hope it all went well and you didn't spend the entire week arguing about how to make the perfect cappuccino.

Sarah Beedoo said...

Jess: Go to the art museum and, if you're into it, the zoo. Either can be done with- or sans-Parent. If you like vegetarian fare, check out Earwax in Wicker Park. Take a walk along Lake Michigan; the trail goes for 20-some miles. Go to the top of the Hancock building (um, I had to go before I ate, otherwise: vomiting) for the best views of the city; afterwards, eat much Cheesecake at the Cheescake Factory. I don't have a CF in Michigan, so that may just have been a big deal for me.

Whren are you going?

Sarah Beedoo said...

Chris: I would not argue with Kate over how to make the perfect cappuccino, because she's better at it than I am. Becuase I don't give a shit about the free pour, because how many people are really going to appreciate the effort anyway, and in the end it's just foam and what has it done for Rwanda lately? (My "big picture" attitude may be the reason my apron is free of Barista-tastic awards.)