July 25, 2007

Help Wanted

Okay, so in an attempt to tame the madness of my bedroom, I am organizing my jewelry. Or trying to, because the jewelry storage section of the internet is startingly small. For some reason, I cannot find:

1. An earring tree. These things were everywhere in the 90s--are they just not cool anymore? How do people organize their earrings? I spent all morning looking at various mesh and harp incarnations, and am now leaning toward something wall-mounted (since I make most of my jewelry, I should be okay with looking at it). These are the most promising models thus far; wooden, accommodating and sturdy. On the downside, they are not cheap--especially since most seem to be pre-order deals and need to be shipped. Anyone have any idea who would sell these things in-house, or have a smiliar, hipper suggestion?

2. A ring holder. I found a few of these online, but nobody sells them in stores. Bed Bath & Beyond had them last year, but are currently sold out. I like the silver animal shapes as opposed to the phallic sombreros, but I run the risk of the little elephant making me sad when I load his trunk with my rings, effectively blinding him, which also sort of look like shackles and remind me of how circuses are cruel. Plus the trunk is crooked and they might get caught. In any case, it has to hold 8-10 rings and not topple over easily.

And yes, I have a jewelry box--an entire armoire, in fact--but my current 12" x 12" living space required my putting it in storage. I wanted a wall-mounted jewelry holder anyway, in the back-of-my-mind, eventual future--it looks like that has come to the forefront. The armoire will eventually be used as a filing cabinet, I'm sure. But for the present: space-savvy organization.

Can anyone please help me be a girl?


Anonymous said...

Why not make your own earring tree O Crafty One Who Makes Everything? Get a picture frame and some tight mesh a hot glue gun or staple gun et viola! an earring holder. :o)

Jessica said...

I was going to suggest something similar for the earring holder. A piece of screen would be cool... And why not just screw in some cup hooks on the bottom of the frame for your rings? Then you can hang the whole thing on the wall and it will be like one-stop shopping. In fact, if you make one for yourself, can you make one for me, too?

Sarah Beedoo said...

Hee. I was actually thinking about making one, but the problem with mesh is you have to flip it over to take the posts off, and I have a lot of studs. The wooden one (which I will probably cave and buy, or put on my Xmas list if I can wait that long) has little slots so you can slide them in and out, which is a lot easier. Especially if you're klutzy and tend to knock things over; less chance of spilling your sparklies all over the floor. And by "you" I mean "me".

Jess, why don't I just make you some earrings? Or will that just exacerbate the problem?