Committed (Or I Should Be)

I am now registered for this:

As a result, I am feeling this.

Because I will need more flexibility, and so I have started doing this.

Between that and strength training, I feel a lot more confident about this.

Well, maybe not that conf--wait. No, I kind of feel exactly like that.

You know? I'm excited. Bring da pain, bring da noise.
Because after I do this...

I will be taking a well-deserved this:

This is happpening in 3 months, 17 days, 21 hours. As the handy countdown bar will tell you, that time is flying right by.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations. You are an inspiration.

Sarah Beedoo said…
Thanks. Dann should be signing up at lunch; I bet we experience a whole bunch of -ations before this thing is over.
crdrue said…
I think this post constitutes misuse of the puppy photo. Objection, irrelevant.
Sarah Beedoo said…
Overruled: Puppy photos are never irrelevant.

Irrelevant would have been kittens in an Easter basket, as marathons have naught to do with baskets, cats, or Easter. Ditto farm animals, geoducks, or giraffes kissing their babies' heads.

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