June 14, 2007

Last Night

I had a dream that my little sister, G, the Sooz and I were going to a concert.* G and the Sooz are saving seats (because G is pregnant, you see), while my sister and I go for snacks. So I’m poking around in the candy aisle (as I often do in dreams) while my sister is paying, and I notice that the saleslady has given her way too much change—like, multiple twenties too much. I say nothing, but scoot my sister out the door as fast as I can to confirm the erroneous gift of mad fat cash. We are so wrapped up in getting away quickly that we had forgotten our drinks, which were, and I remember this: a caramel macchiato, a black-and-white mocha, an iced passion tea and a double tall latte for me. My sister was wracked with guilt over the money and wanted to go back, but I convinced her not to. As we walked into the theatre, she nearly in tears, I was pissed I didn’t get my latte.

This is revealing, and not in a good way.

* I forget who was playing, but it was one person, not a band; I feel like it was someone huge in the 70s and now doing lame Pine Knob gigs for middle aged ladies, probably a result of discussing Dennis DeYoung just before bed.


Anonymous said...

Dennis DeYoung looks like Gram. I saw him on some news show, basically soliciting himself for any mere pittance anyone would care to offer him. Sad. This ain't the Best of Times.


Sarah Beedoo said...

MAN--I said the exact same thing when I saw him on I Love the 80s. Sooz said he looked like he had cancer; he doesn't. He's just 61 years old. Neil Diamond is 67 and he still looks better than poor Dennis.
Kisses better, too.