April 16, 2007

Go 'Tein!

In the ongoing effort to maximize my protein intake while keeping animal cruelty to it's barest minimum, I have bought a number of meatless products, some of which look incredibly sketch. Considering 1) if it's good, that's one less actual breast of chicken I need to consume, and 2) if it sucks, I can go into indiosyncratic detail about it here, it's kind of a win-win. Products include:

SmartGround ground "beef": I'm not a fan of ground meats, but I am a fan of burritos. The only other "Smart" product I've tasted are SmartDogs, which taste like turkey hotdogs without the puckering amounts of sodium (and are expecially good when topped with onions, mustard, and turkey chilimmm). I'm trying the ground stuff on pizza with onions and peppers tonight; I really want it to taste like the hot lunch mini-tostadas they had at my high school, but I suppose nothing in life ever will.

Rice Pudding Cups (made with Splenda): These are the absolute bomb. Add a few raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon and you're ready to roll.

SmartDeli sliced "turkey": I'm a little wary of these because of the color of the "meat," namely beige. Beige like women's pumps in the 70s. Beige like cheap paint. Like Faye Dunaway's lipstick. It's a dead color. It's cadaver ecru. But 5 slices have 20 grams of protein! I'm hiding it under the lettuce in order to give it an unbiased chance.

Flat Out flatbread wraps: I'm a huge fan of the whole wheat variety, so I picked up the Italian Herb, figuring if the deli "meat" turned out assy I could pull it out and still get a bunch of protein from the wrap itself. And I love onion breath. Hottt(huuuuuuuuh...)

Quorn "chicken" patties: I have had these before, and you'd never know it wasn't chicken. Seriously, the Quorn people have their shit together. They should call the carob people and restructure their entire operation, because for "textured soy protein," I see Chickenless Parm.

Chickpeas / edamame / kidney beans: For salads. Not a huge edamame fan; I'm hoping to find some good recipes or, again, hide them.

Cheese: Any and all all the time because: my favorite.


Anonymous said...

You know that song "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinead O'Connor? I'm pretty sure she was singing about those mini tostadas.

Anonymous said...

From me.


Jessica said...

Have you tried quinoa? I hear you can count it as a protein. I only had it once, and it wasn't bad.

Beedoo said...

I think I still have a thingy of bulk quinoa left over from a Martha recipe earlier this year. It is pretty good, like chewy couscous. And it's a grain that has a complete protein, so you don't have to couple it with beans. Hm. Might have that tonight, actually. With cheese.