Ode to Jess, Who Probably Thinks I'm Stalking Her At This Point

I thought perhaps a card
flowers candy trifles
then trumpets
and between the Mariachi band
and wagonload of
currant scones I realized
it was not enough--
what I needed was an a oil well
left to me by a caring relative
long dormant suddenly flowing
freely and I became
a major world power
unto myself, and could buy
t-shirts from Anthropologie
shop at Whole Foods everyday
even to just buy staples (which
they don't carry but would get
just for me) and could purchase
whole countries (even though I know
that is wrong) but I wanted you
to know I would buy you whichever
one you wanted, and knight you,
and make you a Dignitary of
Something Low-Key
where you wouldn't have
to go
to meetings
to say
Thank You.


Jessica said…
HA! This is fantastic! And way better than anything on my Amazon wishlist ;o)

Seriously, though- it was no problem. I'm surprised I got a thank you at all. Not that you'd be the sort not to give one-- but because I didn't really do anything.

By the way, the page is looking fab!
Beedoo said…
Actually, I'm not the sort to give one; ask anybody who knows me. I think it was that teacher's encouragement that inspired me to keep at it. Aw, you change lives!
[not being sarcastic--well, not in a bad way]

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