March 21, 2007

In Your Face, Breast Cancer!

LUNGevity Foundation's 3rd Annual Lung Cancer Walk-a-thon: charitable peregrination of my love.

I'm walking for lung cancer in just three short weeks. As CD noted, my goal is rather pitifully low; this is so I can comfortably make up the difference myself if I fall short.

In an attempt to give all family donations to my mother, aunt and sister (and since, frankly, I signed on rather late), I'm relying on friends and kind strangers to help me meet my goal. I recognize this is solicitation, so hey, why do a thing halfway? I would like to make the special offer of acting like a dork--nay, performing like a trained monkey--for your donations. Drop me an email with your request and it shall be performed on the walk, committed to film, and posted on the blog for your amusement.

Obviously, I won't do anything illegal or that comprimises the goals or spirit of the walk.

However: fashion don'ts, crude renditions of Blame it on the Rain, screaming your name orgasmically and other such tomfoolery is still completely allowed. Encouraged, in fact.

All donations greatly and sincerely appreciated.
Together we shall kick cancer's ass.

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