March 20, 2007

Erin Go Beer

My very first St. Patrick's Day green beer.*

Interesting that my younger brother and sister, 21 and 24 respectively, both knew about the green beer phenomenon. This either means that they are cooler than I am, or I am a big nerd who didn't have a whole lot of drinking friends in high school (see: use of words 'respectively' and 'phenomenon' in less than 100-word post). The safe bet is they're just cooler.

And so is my mother.
*Yes, I do typically show my enjoyment with a camel chewing demonstration; why do you ask?


Anonymous said...

You had never heard of green beer? For real?'re...lame.

Your stalker from CO

Rustybelle said...

You look like a very jaunty camel if it makes you feel any better.

(Sorry for the double post)