Stirrup today, saddle Monday.

You know what’s not a good idea? Running 5 miles when you haven’t so much as done a sit-up in over a week. Ow, my legs. I feel like I just finished an advanced course of underwater power yoga, which I may or may not have just made up.

I am back from Colorado, a little sadly, but mostly just tired. Is it a “problem sleeping” when you just can’t stop? I fall asleep instantly, at a decent hour, but never seem to get enough; the only “problem” I really see there is the job I have to go to. I bet I could win some kind of Slumber Marathon if I were allowed to stay in bed all day. Um.

Apologies. I’m blaming jet lag for my being so lame today.

I was going to do a little trip summation, but I think those who were there know what happened, and those who weren’t don’t care. Kind of like the technical Oscars. Suffice it to say, fun was had and will surely be had again, hopefully in a season that’s more than a mere degree of temperature (and which I did not, contrary to rumor, bring with me. If I wanted to be unseasonably cold, it would have been cheaper just to do it in my own state and have done with it, Jen) and with more than one of the Michigan sect representin’.

My sister’s kids are still cuter than yours, though. No sense gettin’ uppity, that’s just fact.

I am now fully immersed in holiday preparation frenzy, so much so that any minute where the brain shuts down from exhaustion at checking off lists and making notes of who has what at which store and does my dog need a present and which credit card has a higher limit and doesn’t my dog lead a pretty damn charmed life anyhow and do I really need to buy presents for both of them when they’re not married yet and screw it, she’s getting another bone? Is a good minute. Even when spent in front of the television, forcing oneself to be idle, sans neural activity, for the sake of not blowing a mental heating coil, and regardless of drooling. I’m not well-rested.

Next vacation, I’m leaving you at home.


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