Just Treats

No Tricks, Despite My Appearance.

A few pictures of the thought and care that went into this year's holiday. First, my contribution to the mass consumption of sugary goodies: Skelebrownies.

I know it's silly to take pictures of food, but these brownies turned out so well I just had to display them. My favorites are the one with crossed legs, the one looking for its head, the one doing the Charleston (or possibly blocking his unmentionables; make your own 'boner' joke here) and the playing card. And you know I couldn't resist the Hamlet-flavored "Alas, poor Yorick" brownie on the bottom far right. The headstones are painted marzipan. Yum.

And, of course, the costume.


If you don't know who this is, your parents never loved you. Or you're from the UP, where there is no cable or culture; only mammoths [Hi, CD]. In either case, just follow the link and laugh at those of us that actually watched this show, and believed all the hokey crap they chose to throw at us. Although looking at it, it actually has some underlying lessons about racism, immigration, and interracial dating that are pretty forward thinking for a midday 80's cartoon about a magic band. Hm. Rock n' Roll.

The costume was fairly easy; the dress I already had, I just needed a mic and one can each of pink spray and Aqua Net in equal proportions. You can barely see the pink fishnet leggings (I know), but the bangle bracelets affirm my loyalty to the decade of excess. I made those earrings, by the way, the coolest part of the whole ensemble; ten minutes, earring posts, superglue, glitter, pink craft foam. And I am so totally wearing that lipstick in real life, just as soon as summer rolls back around.

This is me trying a sexy wink. I think we're all agreed I shouldn't do that anymore.

Here, you can actually see the earring a bit:

"Show's over, Synergy!"

The rest of the costumes can be seen here, because double-posting is a bear when there are pictures involved. Enjoy!


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