Brief, But On Topic

I fully intend to bloviate on last night's Project Runway, but I seem to be running out of time (and energy; thank you, stubborn mystery illness. If you're still here Monday, you're paying rent), so instead I'll share my own designer efforts. Theme: Renaissance Festival, Pirate Weekend.

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do at work today.

You'll have to use your imagination on the colors, but the bodice is a deep chocolate brown with white and orange embroidery (Charlotte Russe), the boots black with granny heel, and beads and accessories of varying warm colors. I'm hoping to get the little jodhpur pants in a rusty orange (velour? canvas? your thoughts), do an off-white cotton or gauze for the sleeves and some outrageous, garish pattern in yellow for the sash. I'm praying I can find the hat in a brown, possibly felt, hopefully (oh, please) inexpensive, and I thought some tarty yellow knee socks would go nicely, doubly so with bows. I'm going for a 'buccaneer who robs the aristocracy of their fine things and wears them while plundering the Seven Seas', so I don't want it coming off too princess-y.

I usually go with black for pirate themes--leather corset, boots, cavalier hat--so this year I wanted something different (read: previous kick-ass outfits no longer fit); I just hope I can find the rest of raw materials in the colors I've imagined in my head. Because I'll be irrationally disappointed if I can't, you know, and probably end up resenting the ensemble altogether [Also, don't date me]. I wasn’t going to bother posting the sketch, but CD was so jazzed about it that I didn’t dare break his heart, knowing he loves fashion so. Do not despair, I shall have more on the subject tomorrow.


matthew aaron said…
thank you so much for the adding of the link msss - I am sorry I missed catching up with everyone a week or so ago, I was rushing around from the second I landed on Michiganian soil to the moment I departed - we shall soon correspond via e-mail onceamore though, yes? and I shall also be a'linking to you posthaste.

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