Rainy Days and Fridays

Maybe just a quickie today, since I’m averse to doing any work of any kind. Maybe it’s because it’s Friday, or because I’m going out later, or perhaps the rain… in any case, I have done one work-related thing today, and I’m thinkin’ it’ll stop there. And this post is probably going to be filed under Hodgepodge, since I’m only really talking about what’s happening with me at this particular time. Man, remember that Alanis song? How we used to sing it all loud in the car, thinking we were so profound, and couldn’t wait until we had someone we could love deeply—but still be completely over—that we could sing it to? …or was that all of Alanis’ songs?

Anyway, at this particular time…

Do you like the new links and stuff? I figured out a little bit more about html, which is hard for me (not ‘math’ hard; more like ‘foreign language’ hard) and discovered I can customize this page way more than I thought I could. I am more and more convinced that one day I could have an actual website, but the twenty-some hours it’s going to take to create (adding ten for the agony of decision-making) makes me need a nap.

I am still reading Somerset Maugham’s Cakes and Ale; I say ‘still’, because I hit the pause button on it in lieu of starting Me Talk Pretty One Day, which is funnier. Yes, I realize Maugham wasn’t trying to be funny. I have no idea what he’s trying to be (besides arrogant, verbose and drunk in the tropics), but David Sedaris made me laugh, and I’m really easy like that. I’ll come back to Maugham—I’ve only got like a quarter of Dave left to go, and it’s ridiculously easy reading. The hard part will be not starting the latest Nick Hornby as soon as I’ve finished. Must… finish… annoying… classics… Water!

My butt hurts today. Butt muscles, I should say, before any of you start thinking I do anything off-color with my evenings. I don’t.* I was doing Tae Bo, and since I was tired, I decided to do the “easy” one: Advanced I. It’s easier to gear up for, in that it’s mostly floor work and less cardio, but the floor takes twenty of the most agonizing minutes of your life. You can feel it adding years to your life in compensation, though—mostly because some parts of the tape feel like being born all over again. This is another reason I’m not moving around much today.

New Addiction Alert: I am nuts over the Celestial Seasonings Pear-Flavored White Tea. I hesitate to call it ‘new’, since it’s probably been around forever, but I’ve only just discovered it. It’s similar to green tea, but sweet enough that you don’t have to add anything to it, and it has caffeine. I know. I had you at caffeine. This is for all of us trying to lead Zen-like lives of yoga and tranquil harmony whilst peeking out the corners of our meditative eyes at cups of weak green tea, wishing there were but a dram of the good stuff in it to keep us awake. Now there is. Embrace the white tea. You’ll be glad you did.

I want spring to get here. I want to weed my poor, sad front garden, but with the torrents of rain we’ve had the past week it currently looks like the moat of a child’s sandcastle. Unless I want to put on hip-waders and goggles, I’ll have to wait for the first sunny day (June 3) to get started on it. I have to check Martha’s site to see if she has any tips on how-to-fix-your-ailing-white-trash-“rock garden”. I’ll bet she does; she just calls it Spring Spruce-Up, or some equally fetching and docile thing.

Project Runway has made me want to take scissors to all the old clothes in my closet and make something gaudy and fabulous to wear all over town. It is just me? I look at my guest towels and try to imagine them as haltertops. Which shoes go with pillowcase and pinstripe wrap dress? Can I make a Z-line skirt? I’m sure I could. Out of my old sweatpants, no less. Look out, Santino—competition has arrived. You thought you were crazy? Check my denim / leather / eyelet skirtsuit with matching neckerchief and pleated belt. You’re running because you’re scared. Of my TALENT.

I think it’s time for another cup of (crack)tea. Seriously, get yourself some.

* I wait for the weekend, like everyone else.


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