It's a Disease

I’m sorry there have been no posts lately—I was struck with an illness. An infection, really, which caused me to miss work at both jobs on Monday and be pretty much useless yesterday. If you want to know the details, go here, but I don’t recommend it for those who know me personally. If you want to be able to look me in the eye later, just know that it sucked, and move on. Oh, and the pain was agony. But I am better, and back, and even prepared to run tonight, so life is back in place and all is right with the world. I just really can’t find much to ramble / complain about today; I just feel whipped by the last two days.


I really hate that I watch a lot of TV. Actually, I don’t really watch a lot, but I watch more than I used to. Mostly I’ve been watching the Olympics with my aunt “because it’s on”. That only seems to be an excuse for TV, did anyone notice that? “Why did you wear that today?” “Why did you eat that?” “Why did you have sex with all those hookers?” I dunno, because it was there. It basically means, a) you can’t make a decision, or b) you’re too damn lazy to find something else to do. I’m sitting right on the Mason-Dixon line of that conundrum; I’d rather be reading my book, but I’d hate to alienate my aunt, especially since she used to watch every Olympics in her childhood with my grandfather. I’d hate to see her get all sad because I’d rather be making some headway into Somerset Maugham (not like that, ew) than carrying on the Olympics-watching tradition. And it’s not like pro football where I could give a royal shit who wins, because they’re all getting paid regardless, but these people are amateurs and have real lives and real jobs to go back to; they’re doing it for the sake of athletics, and I can totally get behind that. Also, I love Joey Cheek, and I’m glad he won those medals. Oh, and he’s only 2 years older than me… it might be love.

Speaking of the men on my list that warm the cockles of my hard-to-please heart: Ralph broke up with his girlfriend on my birthday. Now, I am not the sort of person who enjoys any sort of schadenfreude; neither am I the sort who salivates over the minute details over the lives of celebrities, and I am even less the sort who believes in romantic cosmic destiny, but… coincidence?

Oh, and on the “I don’t care about celebrities or TV” tack, here’s what I have to say about the latest programming:

Stacy is gone from House: YAY!

The Gilmore Girls writing trickles evermore downhill: BOO!

Kara was kicked off Project Runway: Appropriate.

Jerry Rice was NOT kicked off Dancing with the Stars: INAPPROPRIATE.

George is gonna have sex with Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy: Inappropriate (unless George also has sex with me, and Meredith contracts a wasting disease. Oh, wait, she… nevermind).

This just goes to show what happens when you’re stuck on your couch during the workday, hopped up on pain meds with a heating pad on your specials, and nine hours to kill before you can collapse into bed. I was ill and insensible, so TV was the only real option; otherwise, I don’t let these things occupy my mind. Really. I just watch them because they’re on… DAMMIT!

Addiction hurts. Check yourself.

Note: To read more (and funnier) accounts of the shows you love, the shows you hate, and the shows you don’t really want to watch but got sucked into unwillingly, go here. And I'm done about this, now.


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