Age: It Creeps Up on You

My boss is out of town, so I’ll probably get to leave early today. If I do, this day is going to rock: get out at 3-ish, go running, shower, get home before my aunt does and start dinner. I can even sleep as late as I want tonight, as all I have going on tomorrow is my ex-boyfriend’s sister’s wedding. I promised I would be his date so he’s not Creepy Unmarried Older Brother Guy. The wedding is in the late afternoon, so I can sleep in and get some laundry done before I need to get all dolled up. I really hope it isn’t cold—I hate wearing dresses in the snow.

I’ve not been writing as often this week, but inversely, I have been getting a lot done at work (I’m beginning to think the two are related). So in light of my birthday, I will whine that my youth is practially over, and I have never really partied at all. I hit some frat parties in college, and they were pretty lame. I realized that the best parties I have been to have been my own family parties; sure, you already know most of these people, but there’s enough friends-of-friends that you can meet people without leaving your comfort zone. All the laughter is based on in-jokes, and the awkwardness quotient is very low, whereas at a bar, there will always be the skeezy people hitting on you (regardless whether they know you or not, sometimes not even waiting until you’re drunk. I don’t need anyone asking if I want to give them Birthday Head. On MY birthday. That shit is just bad manners).

So, I booked an actual birthday party—bowling and karaoke—and sent out an email to my friends, my family, and their friends. It should be pretty big, as my family alone is enough people start its own Mars colony. I thought the bowling birthday party idea was a little lame, but the minute we found out they had karaoke, it was ON. People are daring each other to sing songs already, and the party’s a week away. I’ve already had requests for certain songs, special drinks, extra lanes—and these plans were made yesterday. I think it’s the people that are going to make this a good party—the venue and activities are just ways and means.

I feel good about that. However, I feel bad about the brownie I just ate. Ugh. It’s gonna be hard to run with brownie juju. I am my own worst enemy.


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