I'm late, but I've got a note from my Mom.

No, really, I do. She's in the ER right now, drinking copious amounts of Go Lightly (I am so not kidding about the name) to prepare for a CT scan of her abdomen. We shall know by Monday whether or not she will need surgery for her diverticulitis. She is creeped out at prospect of a colectomy, but I think it's the colostomy bag rather than the recovery that's giving her the willies. She's been down in the ER most of the day, and between working and visiting her, I haven't been in the right mindset to post. It's hard to get it up for running later as well (which she has assured me I should still do, before you send me hate mail), so I apologize for the lack of funny. I actually have half a funny entry, but it's not perfect yet, and I respect you people enough not to pawn crap off on you and call it art. It shall be up and running on Monday. Hopefully, my mother will be too.

I promise not to leave you hangin',


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