November 07, 2005

Not Slacking, Just Busy

The saga continues: My mother’s battery is dead.

Not her battery, like she’s an android, but her car battery. She needs a new one. She wants to charge it on my credit card. Again. I told her to just buy a new car. She cried. My family. Arrrgh. Frustrated. I am going to deal with my frustration by opening a locker at the gym, so I don’t have to carry my heavy-ass gym bag on the bus everyday. I will shed my negativity by doing something positive. I feel good about this.

That is all I had written yesterday before I became hellaciously busy. I am still busy today, as one of my coworkers left without a replacement, so now I have about 50% more workload every day. I think I have sat down exactly once. My feet hurt. I’ll be lucky if I can eat all of my lunch. On the upside, I’m too busy to snack. So that’s positive. I’ve been too busy to drink water, too, though. Rats. And I overate like a motherfucker this weekend, because I was actually social and hung out with people, and when that happens, there’s always pizza. But I am starting my office’s exercise program, which lasts eight weeks, so hopefully I can lose weight over the holidays, because I hate letting people down—especially when there’s money involved. And I bought pants yesterday, from the Limited—the first time I have ever bought pants from a skinny-people store. They are a ten. And they fit me—even after pizza. My rationale was, if I keep telling myself that I can’t buy pants until after I lose weight, then I never will, but if I buy them now, I will have to curb my eating so I don’t outgrow them. The prospect of having no pants to wear to work is much more frightening than having only one old pair. But they fit, and they’re pretty. So, my life this week: -, +, -, -, +, +. That equals zero. So I guess all that stress was for nothing; my life is exactly the same.

Since that first blurb, we have resolved my mother’s car issues. It got a new battery, and new tires. And I got $300 more added to my credit card bill. Must work forever. Oh, and also at lunch, I have to set up a new account at my bank, since they randomly started charging me for a low balance. I guess it’s always been their policy, but they only realized my balance was low now. So great; one more thing. On the upside, I also got a locker at the gym this morning, so no more hitting people in the eye with my gym bag on the bus. Also, I can run at lunch if the mood so takes me. Or, if my stress level reaches astronomical proportions, like it has today, I can cut out early and run until I am too exhausted to think anymore, than go home, shower, and fall instantly asleep. Man, I miss doing that.

AND I have to work tonight! Genius! It’s like playing What Will it Take to Get Beedoo on Top of a Parking Structure with an AK-47? I think I’m winning. I don’t mind being busy, but I hate working after work; I’m never cheerful, usually late and predictably cranky. And since I was too tired yesterday, I have to work out after work tonight, because I refuse to be a slob two days in a row, and I’ll have to shower to get the evil smell of mocha off me anyhow. And I also have to work Friday night. Ugh.

This week is going to kick my ass. I will hopefully post more tomorrow.

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