Huh. Guess Not.

So, I’m not sick. I got incredibly weak and tired all last week, but no real illness to speak of. And I wouldn’t be me if I weren’t wondering what horrible thing is going to happen to me to balance out my karma. I have a friend coming this week—maybe she’ll have a crap time because I couldn’t be bothered to throw up last week. I’m such a shitty friend.

I have so much to do before she gets here though—all the cleaning and crap that we do to convince our friends that we’re not slobs, when they totally know that we are, and we cleaned five minutes before they showed up so we can pretend our house is sparkly-clean all the time. It’s funny, though, because all your friends do the exact same thing. So I have some cleaning to do, and clothes to put away, since I went shopping over the weekend and bought some new clothes, including some new shirts for work and a pair of grey slacks for $8.00. (Yes, that’s eight. Bite my ass, The Limited!) I also got some new makeup, because the first batch of new makeup made me look very dark, and I don’t think I need to look vampy just to have a nice lunch with my family. I hate it when a woman’s idea of ‘everyday makeup’ is to get all painted up like she’s going to the club—if you’re wearing anything darker than Chapstick before noon and you’re not on a date, don’t be surprised if you’re taken for a hooker. Or a transvestite. Give people a chance to see what your face looks like before you put a scary clown-mask on it. So yes, I have some pale pinks and light lip glosses for the winter. I don’t want to look gaunt at Christmas and have my family accuse me of an eating disorder. Again.

I watched the TV ‘Poseidon Adventure’ last night, and I don’t have time to tell you all the ways that it sucked. Even if I weren’t busy, I still wouldn’t have time.

I bought all of the groceries I’ll need for Thanksgiving, which is exactly 2 squash and 7 yams. I think I will eat yams a lot, since seven rather large ones cost me two dollars. That’s cheaper than Ramen. All the rest of the food is supplied by various members of the family; I just make the side dishes and bring them to the house. We’ve never had yams at Thanksgiving before, but I love them, so I’m trying to make them a regular thing. I’ll have to put a lot of brown sugar in them. I want to put squash, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie all in a row on my plate, and try to figure out what the difference between them really is. My guess is, with enough brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg… not a whole lot. I predict they’ll all be tasty, though. Especially next to enormous piles of fruit salad and homemade stuffing. Yummers.

While out shopping, I picked up a few amenities for my houseguest, like juice I know she drinks and foods I know she’ll eat, mainly because I feel bad that she has to putter around my apartment for a few days before my vacation starts. But hey, I have 300 channels, and she’s just happy to not be in class. I love college vacations; a trip to the store is the highlight of your day if it means you’re not writing a paper. I even got a frozen pizza—one of the expensive kind, since I’m classy--so she won’t have to brave the cold to get dinner tomorrow while I’m at work. Yeah, I know. I’m pretty thoughtful sometimes. I take that first bit back—I’m a pretty good friend.

…although one of my friends currently hates me for not helping her move on Sunday…which I guess is a matter of opinion on whose fault that really was. Bottom line is, she never asked me to help her move. She just called (Sunday morning, keep in mind) and got wicked pissed that I said I was going to be Christmas shopping all day. And then hung up on me. Yeah, I don’t really feel too bad about that. Anybody who is desperate for help shouldn’t call and harass you about it, or try to guilt-trip you into it, or stoop to a fourth-grade level of maturity. Generally, they should just ask. I was going to call her back later after I was done shopping to see if she still needed help, but I thought, “Do I really want to reward passive-aggressive behavior? Not really. Plus, now I’m all tired and stuff.” If people don’t treat you with respect, they’re not worth your time—and especially if that time is seven laborious hours of your only day off.

Man, I still have so much to do. I hate sitting at work when I have so much to do at home; I just keep thinking about what I could be getting done if I were at home right now, and being paranoid that I’ll never get it all done. I’m tempted to skip my run, but I know I would regret it. When you’re stressed, running is absolutely the best thing to do. So I will zone out for 45 minutes and get a good workout, so when I get home I’ll be totally focused on the cleaning. Also, I’ll get some really good sleep. Yes, good. Let’s see if it all goes according to plan.


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