October 03, 2005

Pillow Talk

It is Monday, and I am back as promised. I found that it’s going to be really difficult for me to post over the weekends, because I rarely have extra time. Even a spare 5 minutes is hard to scrape together, and I usually spend it hanging up last week’s clean laundry.* Plus it takes an eon for my computer at home to boot. So, better health and personal satisfaction through abuse of office facilities, I say.

I got my haircut, for those who are keeping up. It looks much the same, except I have my bangs back. I really hate it when they grow out, because I am much more a function than style kind of person, so I end up just clipping them up off of my forehead so I can see. Which looks really stupid. No matter how many different clips/ styles/ poofs/ products you use, you will end up looking twelve. So the bangs are back, and I should achieve maximum cuteness in 3-5 weeks. Then I dye.

Other weekend highlights:
I made pillows. This may sound boring, but it was actually fun. I like to sew, since I was brought up poor, and things are way cheaper to make than to buy. My first major purchase when I was 18 was a sewing machine of my own.** I also make jewelry, but that’s because I can’t wear the cute Claire’s or Limited necklaces off the rack, since I’m allergic to most metals. So I copy the designs and make them myself. Not all that much cheaper, but sturdier, and they don’t give me a three-day rash around my neck.

Oh, yeah—the pillows. Here’s how this started: My sister mentions to me that she needs new pillows, since she has squashed all the life out of hers. So I offer her a few of mine, since I recently moved into a room with eight (eight!) very foofy pillows. I can’t imagine who needs eight full-size bed pillows. I usually end up throwing half on the floor or against the wall, and ONE under my head. I tell her this, and that they are fairly new and very poofy—I know because I like my pillows as flat and lifeless as possible. So she offers to give me two of her old flat ones for my new ones. Sounds perfect, right?

Then I get the pillows.

OK, so I have never seen pillows as flat as the ones she gives me. They are whaifer-thin. They look like she’s been stuffing them under the mattress for added height. Which, I learn, is exactly what she had them doing. For years. Even I couldn’t sleep on these things, but I was glad to be rid of two of my bed-hogging pillows, so I take them anyway. Then I get the brilliant idea to make cylindrical pillows—the kind that serve no real purpose, but look nice on the biannual days the bed is actually made. I cut the sack open and pull the stuffing out, roll it up and sew it down. [Sounds like an episode of ER, huh? Or CSI. Except you already know I did it, so it’s more like Columbo. Moving on.] Making the tubes was pretty cake, but the circles on the ends were a bit tricky. Luckily, I decided to favor trial-and error over math, since I had no compass and do not know from pi, anyway. Long story short: They look nice. They’re great for putting your feet up. I think I will make pillowcases next.

Also this weekend, I bought the Halloween edition of Martha Stewart’s Living. I would like to say that I am not much of a homemaker. I don’t cook. I can sort of bake. But I am crafty. I have cards at Michael’s and JoAnn’s. I own a glue gun. Now, do not take this to mean that I make crappy potpourri-glued-to-sticks-bent-into-a-wreath gifts for all family members, for all occasions. I find decorations I like in home stores and then make them cheaper. Poor kids learn all the cool tricks. Martha is our savior.
Some of her stuff gets expensive, but she does the DIY aspect really well. And then you can take what Martha says to get and tweak it cheaper. Cool decorations = cannot wait for Halloween.

But that’s a separate post, since this one is too long already.

* Read: Catching the end of Coupling on BBC America. No, On Demand is not TV. Oh, you’re just jealous.
** I sound geekier than I actually am… I think.

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