October 18, 2005

Looking Up

First of all, I would like to say thank you to everyone who read yesterday’s entry and wished me happier days, and hoped that I felt better soon. I do feel better, and I regret that this entry isn’t as long as it might be, since I am overworked, because you all deserve better. Second, I would like to thank everyone who read yesterday’s entry and still tuned in today. Thank you for sticking. Thank you for thinking I’m funny. Thank you for just being you.

I am in a much better mood today. I dealt with my anger the way any woman can relate to: I dyed my hair. It’s a very dark chocolate-y brown. Very warm. I’ve been dying it red for so long, it’s weird to see it this way. I look older. I look like my oldest sister. It makes me wonder where my babies are. I bought the dye weeks ago; I was trying to hold out on the actual act until Halloween, but after yesterday, I just lost it. I didn’t want to be myself anymore. Most people drink when they feel that way. Freakin’ underachievers. Me, I actually change who I am. In appearance, anyway.

People have complimented my hair at work like ten times now. It’s nice that they noticed, but I’m running out of things to say. How many responses are there to “You dyed your hair!” ? It’s not even a question. I usually go “Yeah, do you like it?” or “Yeah, I needed something different,” but by the umpteenth person I just sort of feebly mumble “Well… yeah.” But then I sound like a bitch. I often sound like a bitch by saying very little. When you’re quiet, people often think the worst about you—like you’re snobby or have a superiority complex. I find that most quiet people are just run-of-the-mill shy. They’re thinkers. You definitely want to make friends with shy people—they’re the most fun when they let loose.

Although all my muscles are still pulled, I bought arch supports, so my left foot is no longer a non-weight-bearing appendage. What I really need is new shoes, but I am waiting for my DSW points to accrue, so the new shoes will be free. I need to con someone into buying new shoes and scanning my card. I am so poor, I’m po’. Can’t even afford the whole word. I also need socks, and new pants… and I sort of need to pay bills, but they’re not as fun to try on in my head. I can’t wait for Christmas. Not just because I need things, but ever since the early nip in the air, I have been wanting to bust out the Bing and Peanuts albums and order peppermint mochas—and I don’t even like mocha. The season is almost enough to make you forget how freaking cold it can get in Michigan. I cannot remember how old I am, yet I remembered the sub-zero temperatures from last year as I packed up my summer clothes. I packed them up about two weeks ago, but did not take them to my mother’s house immediately. I did this on purpose, so that as the days wore on, I would realize that although I may be able to wear a denim skirt in the next few days, there will be no skirts or skin-bearing clothing of any kind after that point until May. The skirts, tees and tank tops will then take up space in my tiny bureau until spring because I needed to wear them in the seventeen days that pass as “autumn” in the north. I finally caved and crammed anything that wasn’t fleece, flannel or thermal into storage. Naturally, it is currently 75 degrees. I think I’ll go running.

Speaking of Beedoo is Poor, I have decided that instead of pouring all of my hard earned cash into the Evil Coffers of Big Oil, I will now… wait for it… USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. (fanfare: applause, cheers, etc.) Aren’t you proud? Aren’t I eco-conscious? Well, no, actually I’m broke, but the whole ‘green’ thing is like a by-product of my poverty. And I did ride my bike to work until it got too cold. So, yes, buses and schedules and stops and walking. I am stoked. The first trial run is tomorrow, so like the geek I am, I made notes in four colors on my route map, including transfers and backup if one of them is late. Dude—why am I single again? I don’t get it—I’m such a catch.

Be sure to see tomorrow’s installment: How the Bus Driver Turns.

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Meg said...

Why thank you for all the kind compliments. (Even though they probably weren't directed at me... since you didn't even know I was reading your blog until now. Talk about being shy huh?) Anyway, I'm glad you're feeling better... and just so you know, I do keep reading... even after your "bad" days.

And public transportation/walking isn't that bad. -- Although I bet I won't be singing that tune when the weather drops below freezing here too! ;o)